The end of the 19th century is a good time to build schools. In 1882, Jules Ferry, the Minister of Education, imposed a law about, the secularity, free education and compulsory schooling of primary education for both sexes. It is in this movement that the school of Saint-Aubin is built.

At that time, a plot of north-west of the village, outside the village and located away from « la Cour Verte », a space composed exclusively of farms, is bought from Mr. Moreau. The public school and the Town Hall are built in the same premises by the architect Auguste Marchand and the entrepreneur Guybourg.

In 1875, in the northern part, the school was inaugurated. The classroom is then located at the back of the building. In 1896, a courtyard is built (deleted since). In the southern part of the building, the town hall overlooks the road. The original facade is composed of two doors allowing direct access to the hall and the kitchen. This last room gave access to the staircase, serving the floor dedicated to the housing of the teacher and consists of two rooms. In 1935, for the sum of 3,745 French Frank, the gate is created by engineer Lenoux, but the public school will close shortly after the Second World War.

Considered two years earlier by the municipality, the creation of a small hall replaces the old classroom in 1977. Soon proving too small, a first extension-restructuring is carried out in 1987. A new multipurpose room will extend behind the buildings of the Town Hall. On the floor is installed a municipal library, accessible by an external staircase.

To meet the needs of a growing population, in 1997 a second renovation project was launched. A new room, adjoining the previous premises, is built in the north by architect David Cras. It is in 2011 that the Town Hall takes on its current appearance with the restructuring of the reception offices and the creation of a municipal council room. Simultaneously, the old premises becomes difficult to reach, the municipality entrusts to the same architect, the realization of the media library Phileas Fogg in front of the Town Hall. In 2013, the library is mentioned at the Brittany Architecture Awards in the category « Learn-Entertainment ».

Town Hall and School