At the entrance to the town, there was the sanctuary of the « Cross Bouessée » or « Croix-Bouexée ». By act of the 10th of Febuary 1653, the Sieur Jean Bigot of Corbinaye gave the ground close to this site, to Jean Marcigay, prior rector of Chancé (1638-1656). The latter then builds the chapel dedicated to Saint Marc and Saint Marcoul.


The chapel is built with quartz micro-diorite rubble and slate shale. For the chaining of the angles and the enclosures of the openings, granite is used.
The main gate is on the west facade, completely restored at the end of the 19th century. The northern part has been preserved. It has another entrance door and an arched bay that faces, from the inside, another bay on the south side. Located at the east side, the bedside is flat. Some remains dating from the 11th or 12th century, from the old sanctuary, remain on the south wall. The frame and the roof have been restored. You can note an arrow in the middle of the nave.
Inside, the floor consisted of brick tiles and on top at the end of the beams, you will note original sculptures carved.
The chapel was the subject of several restorations, including one in 1880, another at the end of the 20th century, in several stages, then the last one in 2009/2010.

The 27th of February 1654 was established a mass every Thursday by the prior rector Jean Marcigay. Subsequently, he gave the chapel and his income to the Chancé Factory, the parish council, which obliged him to maintain it. The bishop of Rennes approved all these acts the 17th of September 1654.

In 1774, an altarpiece of Saint Mark integrates the interior of the chapel. This is the work of the carpenter Gandon de Domagné, classified as a protected object under the Historic Monuments in 1954.

In the late 1900s, the chapel is in poor condition and the question of a restoration arises, however, its funding is difficult to find. This does not affect the commitment of the municipality and local politicians, on the desire to keep this building. It is then the previously stated ranking that will unblock the situation and save the chapel from the demolition in 1984.

Good to know: The pilgrimage was a common practice in the past. Chancé, because of its geographical position, is an essential step on the way of the pilgrims who come from Nantes and Aquitaine to go to Mont-Saint-Michel. This itinerary used to be named « Nantais path or Paradise path ».

Porte nord
Avant la restauration
The Saint-Marc and Saint-Marcoul chapel