The two buildings on either side of the road, have no direct link, except that they both belonged to the heritage of Chancé parish.

The former presbytery (1879):

The first presbytery was built on the same site as the present, in the heart of a farm. Subsequently, the religious building falls into ruin and as early as 1868 raises the question of restoring it. In the name of the factory of Chancé (the parish council), Joseph Pinot asks a grant of 2,000 francs to the prefect for its reconstruction. About ten years later, the presbytery was built again and has the general appearance it still wears today, at the beginning of the 21st century.

Like the building of the old town hall-school, the roof of the presbytery is on the rump. Each gable has a brick fireplace. The cornice is in freestone and the structural work in shale rubble. Granite has framed the various bays of this main building on three spans. In addition, the presbytery has a stable return angle that overlooks the road, a shed and a garden priest in front of the house.

Outside the plot, the well located between the road and the Calvary is dated 1874. However, plans of 1818 and 1824 which already mention the existence of a well, do not locate it exactly at this location. Calvary meanwhile does not appear on these plans. It was probably installed on the date on the well which would also correspond to the period of rebuilding the presbytery in 1879.

The site of the old presbytery is home to private property, thank you to respect the place and not to enter the particular enclosure.

The old private school:

On the other side of the road, the building dates from the years 1920-1930. It was built to house a private school. As for the presbytery, the masonry of the structural work is in shale rubble. For the bottom of the doors at the back of the building and the lintels and supports of the first level bays, for the whole building, the granite is used. The rest of the frames are brick.
This school had two classrooms, one for girls and the other for boys. Inside, there was no chimney, the stump on the roof was used for the pipe of a stove. At the end of the school, on the village side, there used to be a building for nuns serving as a canteen. It was destroyed during the closure of the mixed establishment in 1975. The whole was sold and converted into housing.
In 2014, the municipality uses its pre-emptive right to buy the building and turn it into a multifunction room. The work was done in 2016.

The old presbytery and the old private school