« La Grange » and bakery

As in all the farms of the town, this one, facing the church, is entirely slate schist and stone. The main building has a pavilion roof. This farm probably dates from the 17th century. It is composed of a room and a kitchen with chimney on the ground floor. On the floor, there is a room with chimney. In its western part there was a pigsty became kitchen and in the east part, a stable transformed since in a bar. A storeroom had been built to the north, at the rear of the building. Originally, the farm was on the side of the road. It had an earthen barn on the side of the street, as well as a shale barn with its canopy, which has been converted into a bakery now.
The municipality took the opportunity to buy the farm, its buildings and land located in the center of the village to make an acquisition and restructure the crossroads in front of the church.  The stable was demolished, the road deviated. The farmhouse and the barn with canopy is conserved.

The need to offer businesses and services to support the development of the town led the municipality to restore the main building to a bar-restaurant (in 2018, named « La Grange »). Property of the town, it welcomed its first restaurateurs in 1997. A few years later, a second operation was started by the town to endow it with a bakery. It allows saving the barn of the farm . Some barns in Ille-et-Vilaine still keep their original canopy which protect the doors from the weather and are used as an extension to store equipment or fodder.

The architect of the bakery, Mr. Liouville, was inspired by this destroyed canopy to imagine the extension of the building. This extension allows to install the store of the bakery. The body of this old barn is home to the bricked wood oven.

This trade is exploited since 2007.


Bar-Restaurant And bakery